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After spending 25 years in the design industry working for a major furniture retailer as a display artist and drapery designer, I have developed the relationships and contacts to provide you with the custom drapery and blind services you want while working within any budget level in the Seattle/Tacoma market.

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Draperies are not just to enhance a space, they also have provided function to rooms throughout history.  Before there were well insulated homes, draperies were  used to keep heat inside rooms by draping the windows, a known source of heat loss.  Today, the best function of draperies is to soften the acoustics of a room.  With the widespread use of hardwood and tile floors, most homes have a sharp echo.  Draperies dampen the sound and make rooms quieter.  I can work with you to preserve views and increase the function of a room,  while choosing complimentary fabrics as bold or neutral as you want to be.


Selecting the correct shading system for your function of your room  and the style of your home can be tricky.  My ability to  select from a wide  variety of products  and vendors can help you avoid costly errors.

specifying finishes

When redesigning a room it can be very overwhelming to select all the little details that make up a well designed room.  My experiences working with a wide variety of materials can assist you in putting together a beautiful space, while taking into account how a material or finish will perform for your daily needs.  

space planning

Having worked as a Visual Merchandiser, I had to alternately make furniture fit into a defined space and also expand the furniture so it did not look under scaled for a room.  All this while maintaining a current design aesthetic and accessibility requirements.  This taught me to approach a room design from how it functions and gave me a unique perspective.


Artwork... Lighting... Accessories... these are the jewelry of a room.  The  key to accessorizing is scale and balance.  Knowing where and how high to hang Artwork.  Balancing Lighting function with how it dresses up a room.  How low a  chandelier should hang when placed over a coffee table vs. a dining table.  These are skills I honed on a daily basis while working as a Display Visual Merchandiser. With the resources I have used over the years, I can either provide products or put together a cohesive accent plan for you to shop for items on your own.


Having a subtle change in wall color can enhance your furniture by bringing  out a depth and layers of coloration.  Sometimes a bold color accent wall or powder room can balance out the home and create more interest.

REMOTE design consulting

The beauty about all of us being so connected by the internet and social media is that it allows me to  work remotely to  help design your home.  I have worked with several clients who sent photos and dimensions of rooms and made design recommendations for them.  Accents can be drop shipped or I can provide a checklist of exactly what you need to complete your room design. 



Since the south end Ethan Allen store closed, I am more than willing to  assist you with your interest in Ethan Allen Home Furnishings, by bringing samples to you and to maximize your trip  to a store to see or demonstrate particular products.  Let me bring the design to you.

“We absolutely love working with Lisa. She has exceeded our expectations in every way and makes the whole process enjoyable. Lisa has a real gift for design, whether it be furnishings, draperies, flooring, artwork, or accessories. She handles it all with incredible ease and the results are outstanding. We’ve utilized her services on multiple occasions in two different homes. She is completely trustworthy, always understands what we are trying to achieve, and is very mindful of cost and budget. We truly appreciate Lisa everyday as we enjoy the surroundings in our home.”
Don and Fran



Custom drapery/ blinds


custom quote only






Send in photos, dimensions and information of what you want to keep in your room and we can get started planning.  After defining your preferences, I will send a power point presentation, a floor plan and checklist so you can shop for your dream room.  1 revision included in price.


online full home accent plan

Expands on  the concept of the Room Accent Plan, but includes a home up  to 2000 SF or 5 rooms.  To add additional rooms a surcharge of $275 per room will be added.







Please feel free to contact me, if you have any inquiries about Custom Drapery and Blind  Services or are interested in an on line consultation.

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